No Holds Barred: Omowale Adewale on Self-Defense, Robin Thede Show, and 'Black Fist' Russian Trolls

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No Holds Barred: Omowale Adewale on Self-Defense, Robin Thede Show, and 'Black Fist' Russian Trolls

Post by nhbnews on Wed Dec 27, 2017 9:05 am

On this edition of No Holds Barred, host Eddie Goldman spoke with former boxer, kickboxer, and MMA fighter, and current trainer, nutritionist, and activist, Omowale Adewale.

We spoke with him by phone Tuesday.

The December 14 episode of late-night hit TV show "The Rundown with Robin Thede", shown on BET in the U.S., had a feature on a Russian troll operation known as "Black Fist". We discussed this with Omowale, how they tricked him into being associated with it (and how I was tricked into covering "Black Fist"), how all he did was conduct self-defense and martial arts training he was already doing and still does, how Black people were being used as a "pawn" in it, and the political implications of this scam. We also discussed the treatment of this scam by the media, and how shows by Black women such as Robin Thede and Karen Hunter provided the best coverage.

Now that he is retired as a fighter, he has had more time to devote to training people, both adults and youth, in fitness, combat sports, and self-defense.

"In terms of fitness, I'm training people mornings and evenings, which started in November. This is a few months after I stopped fighting. I just started training people more often," he said.

"Now I'm doing a Brooklyn Boxing Boot Camp."

This is all part of a greater effort he has been involved with for many years.

"My organization, which has been around for 16 years, we're a small group of folks, Grassroots Artists MovEment, G.A.ME Inc., we have a space in Bed-Stuy, and what we do is focus on addressing the socio-economic conditions of Black and people of color in our community, particularly poor working class."

He also has initiated a vitally important project called "Black Men Dismantle Patriarchy and Misogynoir", where Black men meet to discuss how to fight misogynoir (which is misogyny directed towards Black women), and to support and protect Black women and girls.

We discussed how all this is part of the struggle against white supremacy, how his work helps the community get various resources and nutrition information, the need to fight "toxic masculinity", why people need to get organized and get skilled and get fit, and much more.

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