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Mike Wilson vs Michael Hunter (boxing, video inside) Empty Mike Wilson vs Michael Hunter (boxing, video inside)

Sat Aug 07, 2021 2:57 pm

(Spoiler comments below)

Mike Wilson is from my hometown, and I followed him for years. I was torn, when this fight was announced, because I am a big fan of Michael Hunter, and I knew Hunter would most likely win.

They put on a pretty good scrap.

The finishing blow was quite a shot. Unfortunately, looked like Wilson's teeth or gumshield went through his inner lips, he probably needed some stitches there, but not the worst injury you ever see, I reckon. Hopefully he still had all his teeth intact.

Michael Hunter is a hell of a fighter, though.

Mike Wilson vs Michael Hunter (boxing, video inside) Fedor_Emelianenko_1000496

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