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Most comprehensive knife defense video on the internet Empty Most comprehensive knife defense video on the internet

Sun May 22, 2022 5:51 pm

Hey. As a result of many terror attacks which use cold weapons (knives, axes etc) in my country (Israel) which unfortunately resulted in many deaths, I've researched the subject of knife and cold weapons defense thoroughly. I've probably watched almost all the videos about the subject on youtube (In almost all the languages possible- Google Translate) and read all the books available (They are all shitty BTW). Tried everything against resistance and took out just the best. Unfortunately many things which are taught in KRAV MAGA and many self defense systems don't work at all. The techniques are not mine. It just sums them up. Everything is in Hebrew. But you'll be able to understand most of it just by watching. I give many links to other youtube videos who explain the techniques thoroughly. I just summed it up and filled some holes by myself. The quality is the shittiest possible but the content is what counts. just try it out. The video is super long. I'll just write here whats impossible to understand without translation: on 42:00 use the push from the Russian tie like the greco wrestler and stab the opponent with his own knife and hand while pushing! on 45:00 I explain that you can go to Waki Gatame immediately after catching the hand from outside. If it fails- You can go to was is shown on the video or the screen, or, the better option- to go for the wrist lock which i show (on 38:30) which is the only one which works consistently against knife wielding opponents. When it comes to the rest: You'll be able to understand the most of after trying what is shown by yourself. If I see that people are interested in that video, Hopefully I'll upload another one in english, in really good quality (not that joke, but just look at the information. not on the quality) during the summer.
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